“Understanding Depression Beyond Biology” AND more on Best 5 Friday Reads

Hello everyone!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am really excited for the weekend. Lets finish this week with a bang by reading Best 5 Reads. Let’s start!

1) Understanding Depression Beyond Biology

Is depression primarily a function of nature or nurture? Experts weigh in.

2) Loneliness, Low Social Support Associated With Poorer Mental Health Outcomes

Published in BMC Psychiatry, results of a systematic review indicate that loneliness and quality of social support are predictive of depression outcome and as such are promising targets for intervention and treatment development.

3) How Cognitive Behavior Therapy May Help Suicidal People

In C.B.T., clear steps are intended to help build hope, solve problems and make a plan to avoid relapses.

4) Can A Subway Menace Be Reformed? Yes, He Says, With Housing

Carl Beamon made headlines for trying to push people onto subway tracks. He now has his own apartment and is one test away from a graduate degree.

5) Evaluation of the Social Motivation Hypothesis of Autism

Key Points

Question: Does the literature on reward processing in autism spectrum disorder support the hypothesis that individuals with autism spectrum disorder show deficits in social motivation because they find social stimuli less rewarding?

Findings: In this meta-analysis of 13 functional magnetic resonance imaging studies, 259 participants with autism spectrum disorder showed aberrant reward circuitry activation to both social and nonsocial rewards and increased activation to stimuli associated with their restricted interest.

Meaning: Autism spectrum disorder may arise from an early neurobiological difference in response to rewarding social input, which in turn may lead to diminished social motivation; aberrant processing of rewards extends to nonsocial stimuli and might underlie increased motivation for restricted interests.

Thank for your time and enjoy your weekend!

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